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Mothercare Journey Edit Pram – Review

A decent pram for those on a budget. Great mattress, stylish and a decent size basket.

For those on a budget the Mothercare Journey Edit is a decent pram. Please note my review is only based on use with the carrycot as Jack is under 6 months old.

The carrycots mattress is of very good quality and is nicely padded. Jack enjoyed his walks in the carrycot and slept well on walks – which is always a good sign of a decent mattress! The carrycot has ventilation panels so you don’t have to worry about them overheating. One of the negatives is that the shield doesn’t come out very far, so if your child likes the dark this carrycot isn’t suitable.

The basket is of a decent size – ideal for shopping trips and the detachable storage basket is a nice extra feature. The pram is narrower than some other travel systems, which again makes it a good choice for shopping, so you can easily fit down the aisles.

The suspension is quite good but it didn’t fare too well on my trip to the park on stones. For this I would opt for a sturdier travel system as it wobbled around quite a bit and I didn’t feel as safe.

The fold on the pram is a little tricky and not as easy as other travel systems and it is also quite heavy. It doesn’t fold completely so if you have a very small car, I would measure before purchase.

The fact that it is compatible with leading car seats which can be attached using the included adaptors is also a plus.

If you are on a budget this a definitely worth buying. However, you can feel the difference between this and a more expensive pram. You pay for what you get and other travel systems which are more expensive have a more premium look and finish and fare better on different terrains.

My rating 3/5 stars.

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