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Pampers Pure Protection Nappies – Review

Cute designs, no leaks and made of plant-based materials, Pampers Pure Protection Nappies really do protect your baby’s precious skin.

Pampers Pure Protection hypoallergenic nappies

I was recently sent a pack of Pampers Pure Protection Nappies to test from Emma’s Diary and they certainly did not disappoint.

They’re hypoallergenic, made of soft plant-based fibres and premium cotton without any perfume, lotion, or harsh chemicals, meaning they are kind on your baby’s sensitive skin. After using the nappies Jack didn’t suffer from any nappy rash at all. They are also super-soft and stretchy making them really easy to put on and take off. Jack seemed really comfortable in them.

Each pack contains a number of fun, adorable designs. We tried size 2, which featured houses, rabbits and cute wording. Unfortunately the pack we had didn’t have any Sloth prints, which I know is one of the included designs and I do love Sloths!

Pampers claim the nappies deliver 12 hours of dryness. Jack unfortunately doesn’t sleep 12 hours through the night, but for the time he did sleep, we didn’t have any leakages!

One thing I really like about the nappies is that they have a wetness indicator. With other brands I have found that only newborn sizes have the indicator, which really does come in handy for a quick check before you leave the house and have been disappointed that as Jack has moved up a size the nappies don’t seem to feature one. So the fact that Pampers Pure Protection nappies do is a big plus, as it saved me having to undress Jack to check he hadn’t done anything, I just had to do a quick peak for the blue line!

The only downside is that at £8 they are very pricey and because of this I am giving Pampers Pure Protection nappies 4/5 stars. Otherwise it would definitely be a 5. I will certainly be looking out for them when they are offer and can see why they have been awarded a Which? Best Buy.

Pampers Pure Protection nappies come in a range of cute designs
I love the cute designs!

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