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Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bags – Review

A safe and comfortable night’s sleep for babies and parents! Enjoy 10% off with my exclusive discount code…

I have worked for Slumbersac for just over two years’ as their Marketing Manager. It is a fantastic, family business based in Ferndown and its headquarters are based in the quaint town of Plauen in Germany.

I wouldn’t endorse a product I don’t fully trust and love and Slumbersac’s award-winning sleeping bags really are a must-have for newborns, babies and toddlers. You can even buy matching Adult and Baby bags – perfect for Instagram #twinning / #matching posts! And also ideal for breastfeeding mums and those who like to co-sleep with their little ones.

Me and my Nephew Oliver in Slumbersac’s Adult/Baby Sleeping Bag Gift Set!

Research has shown that when using conventional bedding babies and toddlers tend to get too hot or too cold. Slumbersac Sleeping Bags ensure they remain at a constant temperature, eliminating the need for any other top covers, blankets or duvets, reassuring parents that their child’s head won’t be covered. The sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton making them soft against baby’s sensitive skin and they adhere to Europe’s OEKO-TEX safety standards, giving parents peace of mind that their child can enjoy a safe and comfortable night’s sleep, without the risk of them overheating.

Lots of mums like to swaddle their baby to sleep. This is very common because your baby has been nice and snug in your belly for 9 months. However, as your baby grows and their moses basket becomes smaller, sleeping bags are fantastic. Jack absolutely loves his. He was never really a fan of swaddling. He was always trying to break free! Since using a sleeping bag, he has slept so much better. He likes to sleep like a star fish or with his arms above his head and the sleeping bag allows him to do this, while keeping him warm, snuggly and most importantly, safe. I do a dream feed with Jack around 11pm and with him being in his sleeping bag means I don’t have to disturb him by taking off blankets or covers. Plus, as he is still warm in his sleeping bag, after his feed, he is still in his milk coma and falls back to sleep quickly. Yay!

Available in different sizes, designs and togs, you can choose the right sleeping bag whatever the weather or season. I have already got my 1 tog sleeping bags ready for the summer! You can even design your own bag from scratch and embroider their name, a lovely baby shower gift or birthday present.

When Jack reaches 6 months old I am going to put him in a Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet. Lots of babies and toddlers don’t like having their feet covered at night and these sleeping bags solve that problem! You can choose whether to tuck their tiny feet in to keep them warm and cosy, or leave them outside the bag so they don’t feel restricted whilst they sleep.

You can enjoy 10% off* Slumbersac Sleeping Bags. Simply enter the promo code COASTALMUM at the checkout. Head over to to see their entire range and get your discount!

Slumbersac personalised Baby Sleeping Bag
For my maternity present Slumbersac got me a gorgeous Sleeping Bag with Dusty’s picture on it. Jack loves it!

*Discount excludes sale items.

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